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  • What is a Cryptocurrency Scam?

    Cryptocurrency scammers are using both old and new techniques to steal funds through cryptocurrency scams. As always, where money is concerned, scams will likely follow and this is the same with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency scams often aim to gain private information, such as security codes or sensitive information, or trick an investor into sending cryptocurrency.

  • What are the Signs of Crypto Scammers?

    With cryptocurrency scams, often the sooner you spot and identify that you have been a victim, the easier it is to recuperate any lost funds. There are some ways in which you can spot the signs of common crypto scams and if you want to avoid falling victim to these scams again or in the future, learning more about the signs is the best approach you can take.

  • How does Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery it Work?

    The techniques we use to recover our clients’ accounts vary widely from case to case. In the event of a password recovery we will walk our clients through extracting an encrypted private key backup and building a comprehensive list of possible password guesses. We then transfer our client’s data to secure password cracking servers that use the data collected from the client to try billions or trillions of possible password combinations until the correct password is found.

  • Can I trust you Hack Angels?

    We understand the issue of trust and authority is one that must be addressed before our clients feel comfortable sharing sensitive financial information with us. We are the only crypto asset recovery company with public founders who have been featured in multiple global media outlets such as the BBC, Business Insider, and VICE.

  • Can you recover scammed or stolen assets?

    Unfortunately, no. When you have lost funds to a crypto scam, the odds of recovering those funds are very small to none. Practically speaking, the only strategy that has a chance of recovering your funds is to work with your local (or possibly national) law enforcement.It’s really important at this point that you don’t get caught up in so-called “recovery scams”, where people ask you to pay up-front in exchange for them recovering your funds. The odds of any company being able to do that are extremely small.We published an article on best practices when you have been the victim of a scam.

  • How long does the recovery process take?

    The process of recovering lost crypto can vary in time from as short as 1 hour, to as long as 6+ months. While this may sound lengthy, this is because we typically exhaust our initial search within a week after initially onboarding a client. After this initial search has been exhausted, we hold on to the private key backup and password guesses to continue retesting as we discover new recovery vectors and expand our hardware capabilities (unless otherwise requested to delete client information).

  • What types of crypto can you recover?

    The types of crypto that we support are expanding every day. At the moment we support seed phrase recovery for any type of bip-39 or erc-20 token including legacy mnemonics, 13th and 25th words.For password recoveries, our list of currently supported accounts is: Blockchain.com, Bitcoin Core, Multibit, Electrum, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist Ethereum Wallet, Dogechain Core, and Dogechain.

  • How much do you charge?

    We work on a service based fee of 20% of any funds recovered. This means that if your account ends up being empty, there is no charge to you.

  • I thought bitcoin couldn't be hacked? What gives!

    Correct. It is mathematically impossible to directly hack the Bitcoin Blockchain.However, our approach involves using the Bitcoin owner’s password guesses to “crack” their password. In combination with a private key backup (essentially an encrypted private key) this allows our clients to regain control of their funds.

  • What are cryptocurrency wallets?

    The interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies would subsequently lead you to cryptocurrency FAQs related to crypto wallets. Crypto wallets are basically platforms for the secure storage of digital assets in comparison to exchanges. Users could hold a wallet through an exchange account or a custody wallet and even from outside the exchange. As a matter of fact, cryptocurrency wallets help in storing the private keys to your cryptocurrency on the blockchain.

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